Infographic: Reading Has Its Benefits

Reading expands the mind, can reduce stress, and it can also get the blood flowing (especially if you read while walking).

The following infographic details some of the other benefits from reading, including a better vocabulary, improved memory, and an improved memory.

Infographic: Reading Has Its Benefits Infographic

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7 Comments on Infographic: Reading Has Its Benefits

  1. Good numbers here, thanks!

  2. Have seen similar charts, but this one for me mirrors my experience of reading better: softer, easier on the eye, absorbable – thanks, am sharing!

  3. And, apparently, 100 % of readers who proofread that infographic missed the typos in chapters three and four (and arguably two more in chapter five).

    P.S.: Happy New Year!

  4. I am not criticising you. I just think it is highly ironic, given the subject (especially as the typos are fairly obvious).

  5. Much of what is written is falsely associating correlation with causation. Upper middle class tend to be literate. That doesn’t mean that anyone that is literate is also well off.

  6. I thought it was really interesting how it was setup, and how it was set in a midevil sort of way. I also found it funny (in a good way) that it said that it reduced stress by 700% better than video games.

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