The Map of Fictional London Will Keep You From Getting Lost in the Story

Paper maps may be going the way of the phone book, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their uses.

Take the Map of Fictional London, for example. Its creators have pulled together references to London from 600 works of fiction, including plays, stories, books, and poems, and have redrawn the map of that famous city. In place of the street names, you will find the names of characters, books, and stories new and old.

A Map of Fictional London

Citing the works of Agatha Christie, Neil Gaiman, Shirley Conran, Douglas Adams, Charles Dickens, and many other creators, the map labels almost every major road, park, or river in central London with a literary work. And on the reverse side you will find a list of all the references.

This is not the first such map, by far, although it does appear to be the first one intended to be folded up as a pocket map (as opposed to a print hung on a wall). It’s being sold by a UK shop and costs £6, so I don’t expect I will ever get my hands on it.

But Londonist did get one, and they said:

Any well-read person will find a few surprises and curiosities. We were initially puzzled to find After London, Richard Jefferies’s remarkable if ploddy post-apocalyptic novel from the 19th century, positioned on City Road, when no specific locations are given in that book. Turns out that there’s another novel of the same name by Ciarán West, which we’re now going to have to track down.


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  1. Lola31 December, 2016

    I would buy an e-version of this in a minute.


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