Barracuda to Delete Cloud Storage Service

Barracuda to Delete Cloud Storage Service Cloud Storage Dropbox, Amazon, Google, et al may get all the buzz when it comes to the cloud storage market, but hard disk maker Barracuda has been offering its own service to both consumers and businesses, and giving away a free 15GB to all comers.

Or at least they did have that service, past tense; it's going to be closing soon. Barracuda announced on its blog on Monday, and confirmed on the help pages, that it is shutting down its cloud storage services on 1 May 2016.

"At Barracuda we have always strived to make great products that deliver ease of use and affordability. We are constantly evaluating our product portfolio in the context of our overall strategic goals. With that in mind, we have begun a process to focus our resources on our most strategic initiatives and to drive more innovation and faster growth within those products," VP Rob Matthews writes. "As such, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our Copy and CudaDrive services. We certainly do not take this lightly, and we appreciate the millions of customers who have used the service, as well as the hard work and dedication of our product team over the past 4+ years."

Refunds will be forthcoming to paying customers, and existing costumers are being encouraged to migrate their data to MS OneDrive.

One would think that a hard disk maker would be great at operating a cloud storage service, but Barracuda has decided to focus its attentions elsewhere. The engineering team behind service will be joining Barracuda's backup team.

So tell me, did you know that Barracuda had a cloud storage service? No? Most people did not (including me), which is probably why it is shutting down.

P.S. If you are a user and are looking for a replacement service, I wrote a post on cloud storage services and how much they give away for free. Barracuda is making it really easy to switch to OneDrive, but you have other options.

Thanks, Fbone, for the tip!

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  1. FYI Barracuda is not a hard drive manufacturer. Sea gate makes Barracuda brand drives amongst others but Barracuda the company makes physical appliances such as anti spam hardware and network firewalls geared towards smaller companies.

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