Dibuk Saga Android eReader Launches in Slovakia – 6″ 300ppi Screen, 139 Euros

dibuk saga 3With little fanfare, the Dibuk ebook company launched its Saga ereader in Slovakia last year.

This ereader runs Android 4.0 on a 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM. It doesn’t have audio, but it does have 4GB internal storage, Wifi, and a microSD card slot. The Saga also sports a 300ppi 6″ Carta E-ink screen with frontlight and touchscreen. Weighing in at 190 grams, it measures 9.5mm thin and packs in a 1.5Ah battery.

This ereader was originally developed by an unknown OEM, possibly the same one which made the Booq Cervantes, or the Tolino Shine 2HD. Based on its specs I would bet that this is the same hardware as the Shin 2HD, albeit with a different shell.

But that is just a guess, and if we went by the software we would reach a different conclusion. As you can see from the product images, it’s running different software from the Tolino models, and according to one of the user reviews on the Slovak Telecom website, the software on the Saga is far from complete. That owner reported that this ereader is running poorly configured software which can’t even support PDF (leaving Epub as the only supported format).

But there aren’t all that many reviews, so it’s hard to tell whether that is a software issue or a PEBKAC issue.

If you’d like to find out for yourself, you can get the Saga from the Dibuk website. It retails for 139 euros, or about 20 euros more than the Kindle Paperwhite.


Thanks, kuzelnik, for the tip!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Martin Prochazka28 February, 2016

    Hello to all, If anybody has tip how or already made hack from this device to tablet based on android, please share your knowledge. I have this reader and the software is after lobotomy. No dictionory, aloud reading, poor support for extensions…looks like good hardware without brain. Thank you. Martin

    1. ivast9 March, 2016

      Hello Martin, just fire up ADB, Dibuk is standard e-ink android device with debug bridge enabled. This mean that reconfigure launcher and install calibre is trivial task.

  2. Martin25 September, 2016

    Rubish. It does not support PDF format, audio and you can not use it when you have more than 1000 books. ERROR.


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