Student Sold Drugs to Pay for College Textbooks, Police Say

Student Sold Drugs to Pay for College Textbooks, Police Say Legal Textbooks & Digital Textbooks With the cost of college textbooks having grown faster than inflation, housing, or healthcare, students are struggling to pay this toll on the road to a better life. Some are getting second jobs, finding free online alternative (colleges are helping out there), or forgoing textbooks entirely.

And some are turning to a life of crime - just to they can support their expensive textbook habit.

Back in October Arizona police arrested two Northern Arizona University freshman for dealing drugs out of their dorm room. The two  students were allegedly caught with cocaine, a ledger detailing their illicit business dealings, and marijuana.

According to my source, the police said that one of the students told him that he was on an academic scholarship to NAU, and that he began dealing drugs because he "doesn't have money to buy $600 worth of books".

"They don't tell you about all the extra things you have to buy in college," he is quoted in the police report. "This is not me, it's not the type of person I am."


Yes, folks, textbook prices are so high that they are driving students to a life of crime (or even worse, politics). If you work for a textbook publisher, I hope you're proud of the horrific damage you've cause to America's youth.

How can you sleep at night?

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  1. Sounds like the inspiration for a TV series.

    Breaking Bad: The College Years

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