Arta Tech Closes Its eReader Store, Cuts Ties to Its Supplier

5476143309_d3c6a99bfd_bThe Polish ereader importer Arta Tech has quietly shut down its retail website,, at the request of one of its (former) suppliers. The company is now selling ebook readers from a new site,

Little known outside of ereader circles, Arta Tech was (and is) one of the better independent ereader retailers. It used to specialize in reselling ereaders developed by the Chinese OEM Onyx, including the E-ink smartphone that Onyx developed several years ago as well as 6″, 6.8″, 8″, and 9.7″ ereader models.

That relationship came to an end last June when Arta Tech launched the Inkbook Onyx, an ereader which had been developed by Boyue, a different Chinese ereader maker.

Arta Tech announced the end of its partnership with Onyx in August 2015, and now for obvious marketing reasons they are directing customers away from the Onyx-branded website ( with the following message:

Dear Visitor!

Due to a request from Onyx International Ltd., China, this site is now closed down and does not provide any support for users of Onyx BOOX devices.

If you have purchased your device from this web store, Arta Tech company will gladly help you out. Please send your e-mail to Support Centre to service/at/

Unfortunately, if you have purchased your Onyx BOOX device in a different place (web store or brick-and-mortar store), please revise contacting your seller or try seeking help in Onyx International office in the People’s Republic of China.

Arta Tech continues to promote ereaders from its corporate website, and sell them from They currently have two 6″ ereader and an 8″ model which I am just now seeing for the first time as well as other devices including a smartwatch and tablets.

The retail site is in Polish, so it’s not going to be nearly as useful to foreign buyers as the old site, and that’s a shame. I had bought from Arta Tech a couple times over the years, and if not for the language issue I would continue to recommend them.

Thanks, J, for the tip!

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  1. Name (Required)1 March, 2016

    They do have Polish and British flag on the Midiapolis site to switch languages.
    It just doesn’t work. Yet. (I want to believe).

    1. Nate Hoffelder1 March, 2016

      I didn’t see those, thanks.

  2. Purple lady2 March, 2016

    If you think Arta Tech is a good company,I guess you never received a defective device that needed to be returned? They charge postage to return a defective device which is pretty expensive if you’re in the US. You should never have to pay to return defective items.

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