Visionect Launches a DIY Signage Development Kit With 32″ E-ink Screen

Visionect Launches a DIY Signage Development Kit With 32" E-ink Screen E-ink Tech If you've ever had the urge to develop your own 32" E-ink monitor, Visionect  can help. This Slovenian startup is at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 this week to show off their latest development kit.

For the past several year Visionect has been developing E-ink based products for niche markets. They've released a smart meeting room sign, a 6" wireless monitor or thin client, and signage development kits with screens ranging from 6" to 13.3". Now Visionect is supersizing the development kits with the addition of E-ink's largest screen.

The new kit features either a 32" b&w or color E-ink screen, and costs anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500. The price includes the screen, a controller board to drive the screen, and a license for Visionect's software.

Like E-ink's own  DIY kits and development kits, this is very much not for the end user. It requires that the buyer have a fair degree of skill at developing software, and is described as "a turnkey solution for rapidly prototyping new digital signage products and quickly transitioning them to real end products".

But on the plus side the kit comes with Wifi, 3G, and ethernet connectivity, and it is also capable of controlling a frontlight on the 32" screen. That frontlight is not included in the kit, however.

You can find more details on the Visionect website.

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