New E-ink Bus Signs Launching This Week in Las Vegas

chk america bus sign e-inkBetween Serelec, Dresden Elektronik, and GDS (and let’s not forget those E-ink bus signs currently being tested in London) there are any number of companies using epaper screens for street and bus signs.

But there’s always room for one more. A press release crossed my desk this morning with the news that CHK America has a digital bus sign.

Launching this week at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, the ConnectPoint bus sign is a digital signage solution which will “provide transit riders with easily readable, up to date information at bus stops, under all lighting conditions”. It’s going to be on display at the E-ink booth.

Based on a 9.7″ E-ink screen, the ConnectPoint sign can be powered either by batteries or via a solar panel. CHK is promising that this interactive display will be weather-proof and shock-proof, and can be remotely updated over Wifi or 3G.

According to the press release, the first units will be installed in Orlando and Pittsburgh.

Matthew Freidman, Director of Marketing, LYNX-Orlando, commented, “CHK has been a great partner during our wayfinding redesign. The natural next step for us to explore is their digital bus stop products, which are based on E Ink technology. We want to look at all amenity options for our current and new riders. After all, Orlando is the number one tourist destination in the world and we want to provide our customers what they expect as far as bus stop information without us incurring expensive infrastructure improvements.”

Scott Vetere, Director of Service Planning and Evaluation, Pittsburgh’s Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAAC), added, “This is the kind of game-changing infrastructure that will make our system easier to use and provide riders with information right at their fingertips. We are excited about this technology and look forward to testing it in the field.”


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  1. karen17 March, 2016

    Interesting! (BTW need to add a “K” to the title: New E-in Bus Signs)

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 March, 2016


      Fixed it, thanks!

  2. Frank17 March, 2016

    It is great e-ink is being used for bus signs. Having an easy way to see the bus schedule is a great application of the technology.

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