“Stop Procrastinating” App Offers a Distraction Free Writing Experience, Can Save You up to $500

"Stop Procrastinating" App Offers a Distraction Free Writing Experience, Can Save You up to $500 Writing Saturday's post on the Freewrite reminded me that there are more options for distraction-free writing than that $500 retro word processor or its cut-price competitors.

One could simply disable one's internet access, but for those of us who lack the willpower (me) to leave it turned off there are more extreme options.

For example, apps like Stop Procrastinating let you block internet access for a set period of time.  You can choose how long the firewall will remain active, which sites will be blocked, and whether you want to keep the firewall active after you reboot your computer. (That last option was developed for those of us who know we're going to enable the app and then want to disable it right away.)

If you're wondering why one might need this app or apps like it, ask yourself the following questions: How often do you browse the web or use social media while in a meeting? How often do you use it on the toilet? Is getting on the internet the first and last thing you do everyday? Do you often lose track of conversations because you were distracted by the tiny screen in front of you?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you could probably use an app like Stop Procrastinating to help you concentrate while working. The app is available for Windows and OSX, and costs $5 after a 90-day trial period.

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6 Comments on “Stop Procrastinating” App Offers a Distraction Free Writing Experience, Can Save You up to $500

  1. Also, you need to make sure to tape up a nice, calming picture of mountains.

    Seriously. Several of the distraction-free editors in Gizmodo’s list involve scenic photos of mountains. Surely they wouldn’t use them if they didn’t work!

  2. Looking at that list, the mountains just seem to be the desktop and not the programs.

  3. I use Freedom and Anti-Social. The former shuts everything off, while the latter I think just disables ostensibly social sites and any others one adds to its list.

    What I really need is something that shuts off my browser but keeps my internet connection going, so I can keep Apple Music streaming.

  4. There’s a better method out there to create a distraction-free writing process, you know https://wri.tt/blog/how-to-cultivate-a-distraction-free-writing-process

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