3M Cloud Library now Available for Chromebooks

3M Cloud Library now Available for Chromebooks e-Reading Software Library eBooks I was updating my post on Chrome as a reading platform this morning when I came across a previously unannounced Chrome app.

The 3M Cloud Library (which is now owned by Bibliotheca and needs to be rebranded) now has an app for Chromebooks. The app is not compatible with the Chrome web browser, but you can find it when browsing the Chrome Web store from a Chromebook.

The description says that the app is in beta, but there are no reviews to give us a clue of how well it works.

If you have tried it, please do let us know. There's a shortage of reading apps on Chrome, and any info on new apps is deeply appreciated.

The 3M Cloud Library was acquired by library services tech company Blbiotheca last November. The terms were not disclosed, but it was reported that the division generated over $100 million a year in revenue at the time of the sale, and employed around 100 people. The Cloud library platform os used by hundreds of libraries, including both school and public.

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  1. I used this app to read at least 2 books – became unusable on my Chromebook about 7/22/16 – still works great on Android phone and windows laptop – probably due to the Google “account” linkage which has become non functional for this app on the Chromebook. I am afraid to uninstall it everywhere and start over since something might be corrupted and become unusable on all devices.

  2. I am trying to use this app, but only about one paragraph at a time appears on the screen. I cannot see any way to change the font size.

  3. how do we download it for offline?????

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