GPD Plans to Revive the Handheld PC Form Factor with the WIN (Cherry Trail CPU, Windows 10)

GPD Plans to Revive the Handheld PC Form Factor with the WIN (Cherry Trail CPU, Windows 10) e-Reading Hardware Around the turn of the millennium, HP and a few other PC makers were developing pocketable laptops like the Sharp Zauru SL-C760, HP 360LX, or NEC MobilePro 900C. The devices ran either a mobile version of Windows or Linux, and usually sported small keyboards with screens smaller than can be found on your average phablet.

That form factor fell out of favor about 2005 (although a handful of new models have been released over the years, including a gaming PC and  an Android convertible).

Now Chinese device maker GPD is making their bid to revive the handheld PC form factor with the WIN, a $300 HPC running Windows 10 on an Intel Z8500 CPU.

The WIN sports a 5.5" 1280 x 720 resolution display, and it's backed up by a 1.4GHz Intel Cherry Trail CPU with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

It also has a microSD card slot, USB and HDMI ports, a 6Ah battery, mic, speaker, and headphone jack as well as a tiny keyboard, double joysticks, and a d-pad:

GPD Plans to Revive the Handheld PC Form Factor with the WIN (Cherry Trail CPU, Windows 10) e-Reading Hardware

As you can see from the joysticks, the WIN is being targeted both as a gaming handheld and a PC (almost as if last year's GPD XD had an affair with a Bluetooth keyboard), but there'a also already serious questions being raised about its gaming abilities.

One reviewer has documented problems with the WIN's Cherry Trail CPU. It's already been used in a number of small devices like the WIN, and they all share a problem with heat dissipation which causes the CPU to throttle itself down as it begins to overheat.

That's going to be a problem when playing games, but less so when using the WIN for other PC uses, which means that this could be the new HPC some of us have been wanting ever since devices like the HP Jornada 720 started getting rare and expensive.

If the keyboard is usable, this could be a ideal take anywhere writing tool, it would kinda be a better version of the Freewrite, that $500, five-pound retro word processor which many have heard about but few have seen.

GDP is about 7 days away from finishing an Indiegogo campaign to fund the WIN, and they've already exceeded their goal by a factor of three, so this device is going to be made

Would you buy one?

found via Liliputing, Teleread

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17 Comments on GPD Plans to Revive the Handheld PC Form Factor with the WIN (Cherry Trail CPU, Windows 10)

  1. It’s a strange device, but I think it would be useful for me!

  2. It looks like someone saw a Pandora/Pyra and thought, “How can we crap this up?” The answer, of course, was to use Windows instead of Linux.

  3. Note: Did a quick search for the – Pyra / Pandora – homepage ( Found that they have a notice there that they will be showing a Pyra prototype unit at Leipzig, Germany on Sat., April 30 2016 at the Long Night of ComputerGames ( at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences.

  4. Ah, Zaurus, I knew thee well. Unfortunately, I have long fingernails and am a touch typist, so this one isn’t for me…but I’m still waiting on my Freewrite. Will let you know when it arrives, Nate!

  5. Small screen but I think there is a market for small laptops. Maybe with 9 inch screens. Some of the people who buy tablets would have more use from a small laptop. Especially windows users. Touch screens don’t do well for all uses. But this is too small…

    • Not a 9″ screen, I don’t think.

      When it comes to small laptops, the dividing line is whether it fits in a pocket. A 9″ screen won’t fit, and in fact a laptop with a 7″ won’t fit either. That puts the 9″ and 7″ laptops in the same group as 11″ and larger laptops. In this group weight and thickness matters more than screen size, which is why we have 11″ Chromebooks rather than 9″ Chromebooks.

      Those Chromebooks are basically the same idea that you propose, only with a better screen size. They have a smaller footprint than your average textbook, but still have screens and keyboards large enough to be useful.

  6. This is a Pyra/Pandora knockoff, Pyra is the successor of Pandora and is already at prototype stage. Plus it have a lot more features including an upgradable cpu.

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