First 3rd-Party Kindle Oasis Cases Scheduled for May Release,

fintie kindle oasis caseOne has to be careful whenever a hot mobile device is launched that one doesn’t get tricked into buying knockoff cases made by companies which have never seen the device in question.

This has been a problem ever since the first iPad, and we were seeing it again before the Kindle Oasis launched, but now real Kindle Oasis cases from respectable case makers are being announced.

Over the past few days a couple different case manufacturers have started listing Oasis cases on None of the cases will be available before May, which is good news for consumers because it is a sign that the cases should fit the Oasis correctly.

The cases come from two manufacturers, PopSky and Fintie, and range from a “drop protection” case to “half” clamshells similar to the official Kindle Oasis case (which does not protect the entire rear of the Oasis). The cases come in a variety of colors and are made from either vinyl or pleather, a detail which should please the vegan protesters.

There are no real photos among the product images so we don’t know how well the cases will fit, but one thing I can tell you is that none of the 3rd-party cases have a battery, which is to be expected given the $10 to $15 price tags.

On the downside this means that you’re limited to only about 6 hours of reading before you have to charge it again, but it also means that you can shave a few more grams off the weight of the Oasis.

I don’t think the trade-off is worth it, although I would be interested in seeing how the different cases change the heft of the Oasis (for example, whether the center of gravity changes).

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  1. Fbone28 April, 2016

    Amazon’s battery case is proprietary so there won’t be any (legally) 3rd party offerings. Amazon may license it out, though.

  2. Will O'Neil28 April, 2016

    Since you cannot buy an Oasis without the case, the logic of spending any more to get a non-battery case seems a bit elusive.

    1. Chris Meadows28 April, 2016

      I could see someone buying one for if they wanted to take their Oasis out on their daily activities but didn’t want the extra weight of the battery cover weighing them down. (Those batteries are pretty heavy, you know.) Plus it would let them customize the look of the thing to match their mood.

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