Infographic: Fahrenheit 451, by the Numbers

Infographic: Fahrenheit 451, by the Numbers Infographic

Ray Bradbury's seminal work, Fahrenheit 451, is taught in school's across the US, but how much do you know about it.

Did you know Ray Bradbury wrote the novel in 9 days on a rented typewriter?

I did, and you can find more details like that in the following infographic.

I think the most interesting detail about this infographic (besides the factoid it got wrong) is that it leaves out the most interesting background detail.

The author doesn't see this as being about book burning, and censorship. Instead it's a diatribe against the shallowness of tv as a medium. “Television gives you the dates of Napoleon, but not who he was,” Bradbury told LA Weekly.  He found the medium "useless", adding that “They stuff you with so much useless information, you feel full.”

Kinda like infographics, wouldn't you agree?

Infographic: Fahrenheit 451, by the Numbers Infographic

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  1. Will O'Neil16 May, 2016

    I thought it was a very powerful, well-crafted book. I also thought it a very pretentious, narcissistic book, rather like an “Atlas Shrugged” on the left. I have no more love for TV than Bradbury, but the idea that we “superior” people have a mission to save the “common” people from themselves and their own choices is not congenial to me.


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