Daring Heist Results in Stolen Little Free Library in Brazil

Daring Heist Results in Stolen Little Free Library in Brazil Libraries Little Free Libraries have to contend with vandalism and bureaucracy here in the US, but in Brazil they are being stolen outright.

The Tribuna do Ceara reports that the local biblioteca compartilhada, or shared library, project had recently suffered the loss of one of its little free libraries. Built out of a converted refrigerator, the little free library was installed in the Benfica neighborhood of Fortaleza on Wednesday, and vanished on Thursday.

Like other little free libraries, users of the biblioteca compartilhada are encouraged to borrow books for free, or contribute their own books for others. The stolen library was initially stocked with twenty books which likely were stolen with the refrigerator.

The project's supporters are baffled by the theft. The why makes a certain amount of sense (the thieves probably thought they could recycle the metals) but the how makes less sense. The library was mounted on a concrete slab, and was anchored by more concrete which had been poured into the refrigerator's base, and yet someone still stole it.

Nevertheless, supporters remain undeterred, and sy they plan to install another library shortly. They also report that the first library, which had been installed on Avenida Washington Soares near the Universidade de Fortaleza a month ago, is still in use.

Let's hope that this time around they choose a less tempting enclosure.

P.S. In case you were wondering, a recycled refrigerator is not the most unusual example of a little free library (it's not even the only refrigerator to be adapted). Most of the libraries are housed in custom-built enclosures resembling small dog houses mounted on a pole, but at least one little free library has been built into a recycled phone booth, while others have used storage benches, a former newspaper box, a bread box, a suitcase, or refrigerators.

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  1. This is a case for Sherlock Holmes…

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