Sony DPT-S1 Writing Slate Now on Sale for $699

Sony’s 13″ PDF reader has just gotten a little cheaper.

Amazon and B&H Photo are now carrying the DPT-S1 Writing Slate for $699, or $100 off the regular price. That’s just over half what the DPT-S1 cost when it was released in Japan in late 2013.

sony digital paper

That’s a significant discount from the original price, but still a little higher than the Onyx Boox Max, which is selling for 585 Euros. The Boox Max is the more capable device thanks to running Android, but given how the massive screen limits what you can do with it I don’t think that matters.

The Sony DPT-S1 only supports PDF, and its dual touchscreen tech lets users annotate the files with a stylus or with their fingers. It has Wifi, 4GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and according to user reviews it’s light and flexible, and makes for a great cutting board.

I’ve never had a chance to really review the DPT-S1, and after having had my hands on the Boox Max I have no interest in either device. They’re much too large to be used as an ereader, and I have no need for a PDF reader.

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  1. vicente25 June, 2016

    Well, Max is 585€… plus VAT = 700€

  2. Smoley25 June, 2016

    I’ve scanned my entire library to PDF, so this would be nice to have. Anyone know if you can use it in landscape orientation and display two PDF pages side-by-side?

  3. Ali27 June, 2016

    Hi Nate, the Sony and the Max don’t compare really, Sony is quite portable device, I carry it in my backpack and it’s with me all the time, it feels like one of these large paper notebooks or even lighter and slimmer, it’s quite usable device to read PDFs, and with “Box”, I print articles from the internet sync and read there.

    I’m not suggesting that you need to review one, I think there are enough reviews about it out there, but just to note while Onyx try to create an e-paper tablet, the Sony try to create a PDF reader & annotating experience, and it works. I would recommend it to anyone who want to do some serious long ours study without distraction, it’s not only the form factor, but also the software.

    P.S. I love your website, almost in my daily list of must check.


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