Nook Press is Spamming Authors With Payment Emails

Nook Press is Spamming Authors With Payment Emails Barnes & Noble Self-Pub When Barnes & Noble announced its pointless in-store Nook Press option earlier this week, I questioned whether any authors still used Nook Press. As I have learned today, the answer is yes, and Nook Press is doing its best to make sure those authors don't forget that fact.

A bunch of authors have taken to Twitter Thursday afternoon to report that they have gotten a spate of emails from B&N's publishing platform. The emails informed the authors that they are due a payment from Nook Press.

Some report that they got the same email multiple times, while others say that the payment amount changed between emails. There was even one report that Nook Press was forgetting the name of the recipient as well as the amount due.

Barnes & Noble won't say when or if they will be able to fix this problem, but given that they have outsourced many Nook functions this issue might not be resolved in the near future. That will likely depend on the competence of B&N's subcontractor, and that is an unknown quantity.

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5 Comments on Nook Press is Spamming Authors With Payment Emails

  1. Smart Debut Author // 30 June, 2016 at 7:38 pm // Reply

    Ah. Technical incompetence–just what I’m looking for in a digital distribution partner.

    Where do I sign up? 😀

  2. Wow, two reasons in one week that I’m glad I’m deploying to B&N via Smashwords now. XD

  3. Thank goodness I get to them via D2D! I have enough spam as it is.

  4. On Facebook, Sharon Lee just posted a “mea culpa” email she received from Nook:

    Dear Publisher,

    We messed up and sent out multiple, conflicting “It’s Payday” emails on June 30, 2016. You have been paid the correct amount for your June payment and the monies deposited into your bank account should match your April royalty statement.

    We are sorry for the confusion this has caused. We promise to do better. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions you can email [email protected].

    Thank you,

    The NOOK Press Team

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