Kindle Paperwhite, Fire Tablet on Sale for Prime Day

PD16_SlashPrimeDay_en_1500x375_day712 July is a special day for Amazon Prime members. It’s a Tuesday, which is special in and of itself, and it is also Amazon Prime Day.

Prime Day is Amazon’s excuse to run a bunch of sales in July. It kicks off at midnight (pacific) tonight, and runs for 24 hours. Amazon so going to be launching new sales every five minutes, and you’ll have to be a Prime member to get them (you can still sign up).

Here are a couple of the deals I am keeping an eye on for tomorrow.

Amazon is also putting their Fire TV and Echo on sale:

The sales will only be good while supplies last, so if you see something you like you should go for it. Have you spotted any good deals?


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  1. poiboy12 July, 2016

    i wonder if international amazon stores will be having similar deals on the kindles..?..

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016


  2. Syn12 July, 2016

    Fire HD 10 is 119 if ordered through Alexa. I have to say this years sale is miles better than last years sale. Good stuff this time, last year was mostly junk.

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

      The new basic Kindle is on sale today for $50 on the Amazon website:

    2. Fjtorres12 July, 2016

      Last year it was just a Warehouse clearance sale that got blown out of proportion.

      But since everybody got so worked up they decided to do one for real. And dragged a bunch of would-be competitors into following their lead. Even Rakuten bothered to send out an email.

      Will wonders never cease? 😉

  3. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

    The Paperwhite essentials bundle is $60 off today

    And the Paperwhite is marked down to $90

  4. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

    The Voyage is $50 off today:

    The Voyage bundle is also $50 off:

  5. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

    Order an Amazon gift card for $50, enter the code “GCPRIME16”, and you’ll get a $10 bonus

  6. William Ockham12 July, 2016

    What a raw deal for ebook readers.

    1. DavidW12 July, 2016

      ? $30-50 off of every Kindle but the Oasis seems pretty good to me. But if they had discounted the Oasis today I would have ordered one. My only problem with it is the exceedingly high price point.

      1. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

        Yes. The Kindle deals are great!

      2. William Ockham12 July, 2016

        Sorry, I was just ribbing Nate, unfairly, to be honest.

  7. DavidW12 July, 2016

    That Fire deal is so good that I find myself ordering one.

  8. Nate Hoffelder12 July, 2016

    The Fire tablet is $33 in the Prime Day Sale.

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