Sony Drops the Price of the DPT-S1 Writing Slate to $599

When Sony announce its 13.3" writing slate several years ago, it cost a princely $1,100.

Now the price has dropped to about half that. Sony is now selling the DPT-S1 Digital Paper through Amazon and B&H Photo for the low, low price of $599.

Sony Drops the Price of the DPT-S1 Writing Slate to $599 e-Reading Hardware

Far from being your average ereader, the DPT-S1 has a laptop-sized screen, two touchscreens (capacitive and stylus), Wifi, a microSD card slot, and 4GB of storage.

It only supports PDF, which based on my experience with a competing device is not such a bad idea. The 13.3" screen is so large that this makes for a great document viewer or a display for blueprints, but not such a great ereader.

There's no word on why Sony keeps cutting the price, but I for one am hoping that they are clearing the stock so that they can launch a second model.

But Sony hasn't shown any real interest in new ereader hardware for the past several years, so that is unlikely.

If you're looking for a recommendation, I would get the current model while the price is low rather than wait for a possible replacement which may not arrive at all  (and will almost certainly cost more than $600 if it does).

If you need a document viewer, the current value can't be beat. I'm almost tempted to get one (and if the price drops again, I will).

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4 Comments on Sony Drops the Price of the DPT-S1 Writing Slate to $599

  1. They have increased the price again. How is it?
    I don’t understand such movements…

  2. But B&H shows availability in september,

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