German Airline Now Giving Passengers a Whole Extra Kilogram Baggage Allowance for Books

buch-an-bord-sticker-suitcasePublishing Perspectives is making a big deal out of a little promotion currently being by Condor Airlines:

German airline Condor and Vorsicht! Buch, a marketing initiative of the German book trade, have jointly launched a summer campaign to promote reading: travelers on Condor are allowed one extra kilo in their hand luggage just for books.

Here’s how the campaign works: through August 31st, local booksellers are handing out stickers to their customers that say “Buch an Board!” (Book on Board). Just stick it on your suitcase and Condor will allow an extra kilo of weight in your hand luggage. You’ll be set for that lovely book-heavy holiday you’ve been looking forward to! All bookseller members of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association received stickers and window signs to promote the campaign.

Whatever shall the passengers do with that extra kilo?

They can carry a whole extra textbook, and are rich beyond measure.

Snark aside, I would have more interest in this program if it included ereaders and thus gave passengers the option to carry an entire library with them rather than a couple extra books (or perhaps encouraged passengers to donate books rather than bring them on a flight).

That said,  I deeply admire Condor. It costs them almost nothing to spare that extra kilo for books, and it’s getting a lot of press – even though passengers will only be able fit a couple books in the allotted weight. This isn’t much of a story, but it is a great marketing coup for Condor. A cheap gimmick got them coverage in PP, The Guardian, and (probably) other news sites.


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  1. PRS27 July, 2016

    Like that’s a big help with my “1987 Jane’s Fighting Ships” which weighs in at 5 kg. ;->

    1. Nate Hoffelder27 July, 2016

      Agreed. It’s clearly a “small book” discrimination policy.

  2. DavidW27 July, 2016

    I pulled up a random normal sized mmpb (The Overlook by Michael Connelly) which is listed as 4.8 ounces. That means that you can pack 7 of those novels.

    Most people are going to pack beach reading for a vacation. 1 kg of paperbacks will take you through the vacation. If your beach reading is a big heavy textbook then more power to you.

    But the incentive does make sense, it’s not an empty gesture. 1 kg of books is more than you’re giving credit for.

  3. Sharon Reamer30 July, 2016

    Dang. I hope they extend it to September. I will be in Portland for a couple of days (Powells!!!!)

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