IDC: Tablet Shipments Declined 12.3% in 2nd Quarter

10053155455_61c1326cd0_hHaving fulfilled everyone’s need for coasters, cutting boards, and skeet, tablet shipments dipped again last quarter.

The latest stats from IDC show that global tablet shipments dropped in the second quarter of 2016 to 38.7 million units, from 44.1 million units. Both Apple and Samsung saw their tablet shipments fall, while Lenovo and Huawei both sold more tablets last quarter than in the same period in 2015.

And then there’s Amazon, which is a special case.

IDC estimated that about 58% of tablet shipments came from the top five tablet makers, with the rest of the industry shipping 42.4%, or 16.4 million units.

Apple shipped ten million tablets last quarter, down from eleven million in 2015. Samsung shipped six million (down from eight million), while Lenovo shipped 2.5 million and Huawei 2.2 million.

Amazon rounded out the top five  with an estimated 1.6 million. IDC describes that as a 1,200% increase from the ~100,000 tablets Amazon shipped in the same period last year, but as we both know IDC wasn’t counting all of Amazon’s tablets.

As I explained last quarter, IDC refuses to regard six-inch tablets as tablets, so it wasn’t counting the Fire HD 6 when it was Amazon’s best-selling tablet last year. As a result we need to take IDC’s figures with a huge caveat. Sure, these figures are only estimates and not hard facts, but even as estimates the figures are soft.

idc 2016 tablet global shipment 2 quarter second

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  1. Frank3 August, 2016

    Tablets last much longer than a smartphone and the differences in newer models is hard to see. Other a few newer apps not working on the iPad 4 (from late 2011), I don’t compelling reasons to upgrade.
    The only innovation I consider useful is a bigger screen option, such as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but the large size is mostly for videos and doing creative work. I like that the standard storage size is now 32 GB, the old 16 GB is not enough.

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