First Kobo, and Now Kindle: Windows Ten Now Crashing When You Plug in an eReader

First Kobo, and Now Kindle: Windows Ten Now Crashing When You Plug in an eReader e-Reading Hardware e-Reading Software Kindle If you thought the bug in the Windows 10 anniversary update which broke everyone's webcam was bad, you're going to love this.

The Guardian is reporting what some Kindle owners noticed weeks ago, that a recent update to Windows 10 introduced a bug which causes the non-OS to crash when a Kindle is plugged in to the USB port.

"Just installed the anniversary update. All seemed to go well, jhowell reported on MobileRead. "But every time I connect my Kindle to a USB port", the system crashed.

On Microsoft’s forums, Rick Hale said: “On Tuesday, I upgraded to the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10. Last night, for the first time since the upgrade, I mounted my Kindle by plugging it into a USB 2 port. I immediately got the blue screen with the QR code. I rebooted and tried several different times, even using a different USB cable, but that made no difference.”

There are reports that Windows won't crash if the Kindle is plugged in before rebooting the system, but that doesn't do much good for Kindle owners.

Fortunately, this problem should be fixed soon.

Windows 10 also recently had issues with recognizing Kobo ereaders. It didn't crash, but it also couldn't recognize that one had been plugged in to USB port. This bug prevented Kobo owners from transferring files from either Calibre or Kobo Desktop Reader.

That bug was fixed this week, so a fix for the Kindle issue should be coming in short order.

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  1. reason #42 why i am glad i use mac OS. this would be very frustrating.

  2. Here is another reason that I didn’t switch to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been having problems connecting to Calibre with my Sony PRS-T1 lately, but no actual crashes. It never occurred to me to associate them with the Windows 10 Anniversary update but I don’t recall this happening before the upgrade. (To be honest, I rarely need to connect my Sony Reader, so the last time I used Calibre may have been months ago.) As a workaround, I find that if I power down the reader entirely and then reboot it, Calibre will likely see it (although not consistently).

  4. no problem here both old Sony 650 and the newer Sony T3S tested on my up to date HP win 10 laptop

  5. Think it is better to switch to Linux Mint 18. It works very well and is easy to use.

  6. Another way to fix this is to put Windows to sleep before plugging in the Kindle. I tried it last night and it works. I read about this in the Microsoft Windows forum.


  7. I was wondering why my Kobo Touch wasn’t connecting. I thought it had just gotten old.

    Fortunately, Calibre can run as a file server, so I can add books from the Lobo’s web browser. Still a pain in the ass, though.

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  1. Kindle i Kobo zawieszaj? komputery z W10 Anniversary Update

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