Review Round-Up: Kobo Aura One

Review Round-Up: Kobo Aura One e-Reading Hardware Kobo Reviews The new Kobo Aura One went up for pre-order yesterday, and according to some reports on MobileRead it has already started to arrive. But not everyone has made up their mind about buying this 7.8" ereader, so here is a collection of reviews.

I've read all of the posts on the Aura One, and culled a list of articles which could reasonably be called reviews. This does not include pieces like the ones published by Techcrunch and PC Magazine which rehashed the press release and spec sheet without expressing an opinion.

  1. TechRadar - Kobo Aura One hands on review
  2. Wired - Kobo’s Giant E-Reader May Put the Kindle in Its Place
  3. Business Insider  - Kobo Aura One: REVIEW
  4. The Verge - The Kobo Aura One is a big, thin, water-resistant e-reader
  5. Teleread - In-depth review of Kobo’s Aura One: It’s Pre-order Day #1

And last but not least, I have also been writing posts on the Aura One, focusing on one feature in each post.

  1. Hands On With Kobo Aura One Night Mode (video) (The Digital Reader)
  2. Kobo Aura One as a PDF eReader: No, Just No (video) (The Digital Reader)
  3. Kobo & Overdrive - What We Know So Far (The Digital Reader)
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6 Comments on Review Round-Up: Kobo Aura One

  1. by the way the Trusted Reviews article isn’t really a review since “We’re yet to get our hands on Kobo’s alternative, so we’re not entirely sure how comfortable it is to hold or how well designed it is”

    not sure why the comparison to the PaperWhite – eh, what do I know

    • I was about to leave a nasty comment on that point, but then I realized that TR compared the Aura One to the most common ereader on the market.

      That’s not a bad idea. It gives readers a reference point, and comparisons are often more useful than a solo review.

  2. well maybe so, but since they don’t actually have an Aura One to do a comparison seems kinda silly

  3. Are you going to do a review of it Nate? Would be nice to see a review from someone who actually knows something about e-readers. Most of the reviews from the tech sites are useless. When I read one of them and the reviewer complained you couldn’t browse the internet with it I immediately stopped reading.

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