Reabble is an RSS Feed Reader for Your Kindle

Reabble is an RSS Feed Reader for Your Kindle e-Reading Software Kindle eReaders like the Kindle are most commonly used for lean-back reading, which is why integration with services like Instapaper are so useful.

But if you want to use your Kindle in a more active style then you should check out Reabble. This is a web service that lets you follow RSS feeds on your Kindle and read articles. It works in the Kindle's web browser, not as an app (which many Kindles no longer support, anyway)

According to LifeHacker Reabble hooks into the RSS serviceInoreader, so you’ll do your non-Kindle management there. Aside from that it works pretty much the same as any other RSS reader on the market, only on your Kindle.

This is a premium service; you can read up to 15 articles a day for free, or pay 90 cents a month to read as many articles as you like.

That's a relatively high price to pay for a niche service, do you think it's worth it?

Me, I would rather use an Android tablet for this purpose; they are generally faster and offer a wider selection of apps and compatible services.

Reabble via LifeHacker

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  1. That is nice that someone is thinking of Kindle users with regard to webapps, because Amazon has abandoned Kindle ereader apps.
    15 articles a day is plenty.

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