Free eBooks Have Arrived at Nook Press

Free eBooks Have Arrived at Nook Press Barnes & Noble Self-Pub The intern who has been left in charge of B&N's ebook platform (after many functions were outsourced) added a new feature this week.

A reader has tipped me to the news that ebooks uploaded through Nook Press can now be given away for free. All a publisher has to do is set the price to zero and then update their listing. That update could take anywhere from minutes to days to go like on the B&N website, but once it is the ebook will be free.

B&N broke the news this week in an email to publishers, which you will find at the end of this post.

Given that the Nook Store now accounts for only a tiny fraction of ebook sales, this won't prove very useful, but it is still a feature which Amazon does not offer.

Thanks, Karen, for the tip!


Dear Publisher,

Free eBooks have arrived at NOOK Press! Now, publishers have the opportunity to set the price of any NOOK Press eBook to FREE. We understand the importance of this feature and are excited to provide our publishers with this great promotional tool.

To set an eBook to FREE, simply log in to the NOOK Press eBook platform and choose any project. Once selected, you can change the list price to $0.00 and click save. The price update can take a few minutes or up to 72 hours, after which your eBook will be available to customers at free of charge.

For those of you who currently have FREE eBooks with other vendors, you can migrate these eBooks to NOOK Press without losing your Customer Reviews. As long as the title, author name, and series name is the exact same on your new NOOK Press title, all Customer Reviews will transfer automatically. You can then ask the other vendor to unlist / unpublish their edition of your eBook.

The number of FREE downloads your title receives will be reflected in your sales dashboard under the Recent Sales section.

We thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Happy publishing!
The NOOK Press Team

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  1. While not an option in KDP (other than the Select five free days or by being price-matched) indie authors can list at $0.00 on Amazon by uploading via StreetLib.

  2. Carmen Webster Buxton24 September, 2016

    I have my books in KDP, B&N Nook, and Smashwords; Smashwords can dsitrbute to almost any vendor except Amazon. THE SIXTH DISCIPLINE. the book that’s permanently free on Smashwords (which has always let you do that) is free on Nook because I pulled the Nook Press version and let Smashwords distribute it to B&N. B&N keeps the price that Smashwords sets, so it’s free on Nook. It free on Kindle because Amazon price matches; they even have a link on every book page to tell them about a lower price. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to pull the Smashwords version of THE SIXTH DISCIPLINE from B&N and republish it as a free Nook Press book.

  3. James24 September, 2016

    If B&N can’t figure out how to make Nook and eBooks previously, maybe they’d be better off giving up and letting Kobo sell their devices in the stores.

    That strategy didn’t do much for Borders, but at this point, what do B&N have to lose?

    1. James24 September, 2016

      Doh! That should be: If B&N can’t figure out how to make Nook and eBooks *profitable*, maybe they’d be better off giving up and letting Kobo sell their devices in the stores.

      That strategy didn’t do much for Borders, but at this point, what do B&N have to lose?

  4. Will Entrekin26 September, 2016

    I think we’re going to quickly arrive at a scenario wherein Barnes & Noble can’t give Nook away and authors can’t give their books away on it. Seems to have the whiff of desperation.

    1. Nate Hoffelder26 September, 2016

      Did you get my email?

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