Kindle Cloud Collection Management Feature Added to

Amazon gave Kindle users the ability to organize their own collections of ebooks three years ago, until this week that feature was only available through the Kindle apps and the Kindle itself.

Now several users on MobileRead and Goodreads are reporting that Amazon has added the feature to the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page.

I can't see it myself, but the reports concur that Amazon is showing some - but not all - user a pop-up which says:

Cloud Collection Management is launched. Cloud Collections can be created, edited, and shared from the Manage Your Content and Devices page.

The new option can be found in the dropdown menu on the left. The option is not visible for all users and has not been spotted yet on Amazon UK, but one of the fortunate few has posted a screenshot to prove its existence.


Kindle Cloud Collection Management Feature Added to Kindle (platform)

This is great news. Until today, collections could only be created and managed from mobile devices.  Being able to manage the collections in a browser on your computer is going to make the whole process a lot easier and a lot faster.

Right now you can only manage collections of Kindle ebooks on the site, and not periodicals, audio, or personal ebooks, but it is likely that Amazon will expand support as time goes on.

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  1. In addition to the “Collections” view, in the default “Books” view I now have a column for “Collections” at the right side. It just shows how many collections each book is in. The number also has a drop down which allows me to assign collections from there.

    It is very nice!

  2. And now it’s only some time until some Calibre developer creates a plugin to sincronize your collections within Calibre 😉

  3. Is there a way to sort books in the collections? The order mine are in reminds me of the order of the new Kobo library – completely nonsensical. I’m using Opera and Dolphin browsers on my tablet. I have only one collection and it does give me the ability to sort collections, just not the books in the collection.

  4. I do not have this option in my drop down menu, even though there’s a banner across the top of the page saying that this functionality is now available. I have a ruthlessly organized Gen5 Kindle and a new-to-me Paperwhite. I’ve got most of the content downloaded from the site, but it’s a mess and I’m not looking forward to recreating the collections on the device with the hideous keyboard, etc.

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