McGraw-Hill Polls 3,000 Students on Their Study Habits, But They Won’t Share the Report

9599974289_0ca9dd026c_bThe textbook publisher McGraw-Hill announced this week that it had “asked almost 3K students to reveal their study habits and the role technology plays in learning” and compiled the results into a report.

According to the website, the highlights of the report include:

  • 84% of students report that the use of technology improves their education
  • 81% report that digital learning technology helps save them time and be more efficient
  • 81% claim that digital learning technology is helping them boost their grades
  • 89% beleive that digital learning tech should respond and adapt to my unique way of learning

I would like to write more about the report, but unfortunately McGraw-Hill’s won’t let me download the report.

The site requires personal info in exchange for the report, but once I click the button it freezes.

The process has failed twice now, and rather than continue to wait for the site I have decided to see if anyone has a copy they can send me.

If you get a copy, please do me a favor and email it to me. Thanks!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Scott24 October, 2016

    RE: “We asked almost 3K students to reveal their study habits and the role technology plays in learning.”

    How do you think McGraw-Hill contacted these students? Can’t put stock in any of the findings without knowing, at least, the answer to that question. Seems more than likely MH reached out in some way that would skew the results toward the high percentages reported.

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 October, 2016

      I got the report over the weekend. I’ll see what it says.

  2. Mike7 November, 2016

    Could you please share the report file. Thanks


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