Onyx Boox Caesar – Android 4.2, Carta E-ink, $108

Onyx has released another ereader in Russia.

The Boox Caesar is an update of the classic Onyx look which pairs a Carta E-ink screen with a dual-core CPU and a reasonable price tag which comes with strings attached.

Onyx Boox Caesar - Android 4.2, Carta E-ink, $108 e-Reading Hardware

Like many other Onyx ereaders, the Caesar runs Android 4.2 on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM. It has 8GB internal storage and a microSD card slot but no audio or Wifi.

Its 6" screen has a resolution of 1024 x 758 as well as a frontlight - but not a touchscreen. Instead, the Caesar has a d-pad and page turn buttons.

As I said, there are strings attached - or rather, Onyx made tradeoffs to get the price down. The Caesar costs 6790 rubles, or about $108 USD.

That's not a great price when compared to the US or European price for the Kindle, but it is about average for Russia. So is the lack of Wifi or a touchscreen, for that matter.


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  1. Android and no touch? Useless…

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