Vixole Matrix is the World’s First Customizable e-Sneaker

If you were disappointed by last year's $150 Shiftwear ePaper sneakers when they ultimately proved to be vaporware then I have some good news for you.

News of a similar product has crossed my desk this week, only this time the shoes actually exist and have more than a lot of fancy photoshop to back them up.

Meet the Vixole Matrix, a pair of sneakers whose crowd-funding campaign just launched in Indiegogo.

Vixole Matrix is the World's First Customizable e-Sneaker Crowd-Funding These $245 sneakers sport LED screens wrapped around the heel. The screens are relatively low resolution (32 x 72) monochrome screen, but on the plus side the Matrix shoes also have a g-sensor, accelerometer, a sound sensor, and a magnetometer.

They're powered by a 3Ah battery, and can connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth.

And best of all, these shoes actually exist. Vixole has been showing off the matrix sneakers since July:

The Matrix sneakers are up for pre-order on the website and on Indiegogo. You can order a pair for a$225 if you act fast. The regular retail is $345, but either way you will have to wait until at least June before you can put the shoes on.

That's a long wait, but it is still better than the Shiftwear. That product launched in December 2015 and has yet to show a working prototype.

The above video is the kind of thing I want to see before I would risk my money on a project. That's why I didn't invest in Shiftwear last year; that, and shown in the demo GIFs , the shoes with impossibly high resolution color E-ink screens, were simply impossible.

While the Vixole Matrix is a much more limited design, it is also more feasible.

I bet you a pair of shoes that the Matrix will ship by the end of 2017, while Shiftwear will never ship the shoe design they showed off last December.

Who wants to take me up on that bet?


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