Tolino Vision 4HD – Twice the Storage, and a Blue Light Filter

tolino-vision-4hdThe German ebook consortium Tolino announced its newest ereader on Monday. The Tolino Vision 4HD  is almost identical to its predecessor, but it does have a couple features to recommend it.

The Vision 4HD sports the same 6″ Carta E-ink screen (300 ppi), runs on the same 1GHz Freescale CPU, and has the same waterproofing as its predecessor, but there are a couple subtle improvements which may make this ereader worth getting when it reaches store shelves tomorrow. reports that the Vision 4HD ships with twice the storage (8GB) and a USB cable which looks like it has a standard plug but will actually work both ways. The new cable is on the right:


Those who just want the cable can find them on Amazon for $5 to $10.

The other significant change to the Vision 4HD concerns its frontlight. Tolino followed Kobo’s lead and upgraded the frontlight with a night-reading mode which filters out the blue light emitted by the frontlight.

de_tolino-vision-4-hd-ebook-reader-smartlight-reading_light_displayTolino is calling it “smartLight”, and when enabled this feature changes the color of the frontlight so that it looks bluer in the morning and more orange-red in the evening.


The Kobo Aura One, on the other hand, goes from white to a red-orange depending on the time of day and on a user’s settings.

And of course the Aura One has an 8″ screen; the Vision HD is the first ereader with a 6″ E-ink screen to add this feature.

You can see it in action in the following video at about 10:33:

Vision 4HD  Specs

  • CPU: 1GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Screen: 300 PPI Carta E-ink Screen
  • Frontlight, Capacitive touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Dimensions: 114 × 163 × 8.1 mm
  • Waterproof

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  1. poiboy7 November, 2016

    too bad there is no north american dealer for this (yet?). going to keep an eye on this one. the tap on back of device page turn function is interesting.

    1. Name (Required)8 November, 2016

      There is not North American dealer, because this is device developed and marketed by Deutsche Telekom.

  2. Frank7 November, 2016

    That is great another e-reader has a blue light filter. Perhaps Amazon will add that in its next Kindle.

    1. poiboy7 November, 2016

      at this point, they really must.

  3. ergftr8 November, 2016

    Your specs list a microSD card slot, but the Vision 4HD lacks one, unfortunately. Otherwise, a nice device. I hope, that the Shine 2HD will also get a successor with “SmartLight”. The Vision 4HD is pretty expensive (shops list it for 179 EUR).

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 November, 2016

      I thought I saw one on the images. Thanks for catching that.

  4. James8 November, 2016

    They still don’t have a waterproof reader, so I wouldn’t say they will feel pressured to add a filter either.

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