Boeye T103 Due Out Next Year, Comes With 10.3″ E-ink Screen

Boeye T103 Due Out Next Year, Comes With 10.3" E-ink Screen e-Reading Hardware Charbax has given us our second look at the Boeye T103 ereader I showed you last month.

The T103 is going to have a 10.3" E-ink screen when it launches next year, but as one observant reader pointed all we have right know is a mockup. (Good catch, Freda!)

Nevertheless, it still looks intriguing.

As you can see in the video at the end of the post, the T103 mockup is specced as having a screen resolution of 1404 x 1872, or about 227.2 PPI. The unit also shows some type of docking port on the back, perhaps for a powered cover.

Judging by the three buttons below the screen the T103 will run Android, making it the largest Android ereader if and when it is released.

There's no word on Price, however, or a specific release date.

Stay tuned.


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7 Comments on Boeye T103 Due Out Next Year, Comes With 10.3″ E-ink Screen

  1. Truly, when the “interviewer” touches it as he draws the diagonal the device does not do anything…

  2. Nice. It’s seems very light. How much its weigh?

  3. Onyx Boox have a 13.3′ Android device already available:

    So T103 is not going to be the largest 🙂

  4. # Leonid

    Yes, it will not be the larger, but it will be the larger with a plastic substrate screeen

  5. Onyx also has plastic substrate screen, but I hope someone will release Mobius with light ,10.3 would be great

  6. #Troll

    Yes! I forgot it! Aura One is the one that has not a plastic substrate

  7. J’ai payé pour cette liseuse ink pad grand écran 200 euros et je n’ai pu l’utiliser QUE deux fois, car après l’écran affichait que des traces noires, et le pire c’est que la “marque” n’a jamais voulu réparer ou me rembourser cette pourrie de liseuse même si elle était en garantie!!! ni la protection des consommateurs ne m’a aidé du tout! Après 2 ans de galère, j’ai renoncé à 200 euros et à la bataille, car je n’ai plus eu de forces pour les tribunaux!!! Conseil: Fuyez cette “marque”!!!?

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