TunesKit Audible Converter Rescues Audible Audiobooks

Many people use calibre plugins to protect their ebooks by stripping the DRM. Now there is a similar, albeit paid, solution for Audible audiobooks.


Tuneskit Studio announced the release of a new version of its Audible Converter app on Friday. Unlike earlier versions of the app, the new Audible Converter no longer requires iTunes to download and authenticate the audiobooks. Instead, this app works straight from the Audible files downloaded to your PC.

Users will have to install the relevant Audible app and use that app to download the audiobooks they want to rescue, but once they’ve down that striping the DRM is as simple as dragging the audiobook files into the Audible Converter app.

I tried the app this morning. I didn’t pay the $30 license and thus was limited to only getting the first third of the audiobook, but the app does work as described. It will remove the DRM and give you an audio file in any format you like, including Ogg, mp3, , Flac, and Updog.

I converted a couple of my audiobooks to mp4 and tested them in Windows Media player, and they worked great. Even the cover images came through correctly.

I’m not really into audiobooks, so the $30 fee for the license has little appeal. But if i were as into audiobooks as I am into ebooks, I would  be stripping the DRM right now.

How about you? Have you used this app?

Bertter yet, do you know of a free alternative?

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Nate Hoffelder

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  1. 112 November, 2016

    Is there a way to subscribe to comments without commenting?

  2. Larry12 November, 2016

    This is a free program that will do the job

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 November, 2016


      I had googled for apps like this but didn’t find any.

  3. BJ Wanlund12 November, 2016

    Wow! Glad to finally see this really limited niche be so beautifully filled.

  4. Jonathan O'Brien13 November, 2016

    AAXtoMP3 is free and works perfectly

  5. KJK13 November, 2016

    Good to know of all possibilities – thanks!

  6. […] morning's story about stripping DRM from Audible audiobooks inspired me to get serious about rescuing my audiobook library. I set out […]

  7. Kaetrin13 November, 2016

    I bought Sound Taxi ages ago which apparently does the job provided the Audible books were purchased legally in the first place (which all mine are), but I’ve never successfully used it as it only strips the DRM in real time. That is to say, if an audiobook is 8 hours long, that’s how long it takes to strip the DRM. I *think* you can speed it up to maybe 4 or 8 x but that is too long, especially with a library as large as mine. Anyway, even though I paid for it, I could never get it to work.
    So, my questions are: does tune kit or AAXtoMP3 work fast? How fast? And, are they easy to use?

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 November, 2016

      TuneKit takes minutes to convert several hours worth of audiobook.

      I have not used AAXMP3 yet. I’ll get back to you.

      Edit: The latter app is slower but it is still converting at a rate of at least 20 to one.

  8. Joy14 November, 2016

    Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for such a app for a long time. I found TunesKit really worked great.

  9. Angel Nana25 April, 2018

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve used another tool for a long time, Epubor Audible Converter.

    After your sharing I tried Tuneskit but found the converting speed is really …

  10. Barry Marks8 January, 2019

    Someone a couple of years ago gave me a link to a program called “Inaudble” that runs in windows. I get the download link from my Audible library and download the file “adhelp” or some such, I forget the exact name. I rename it to bookname.adh and double click it. Inaudible then downloads the book and converts it to MP3 or filetype I choose. I use MP3 so I don’t recall the other types available. It also breaks it properly into chapters if I tell it to, or else it gives me a full length book in one file. It also optionally normalizes the audio.

    Downloading and converting a typical 8 hour book takes about 10 minutes, 5 for download and 5 for conversion. That varies with the length of the book, of course I have a laptop with a fairly recent Core I7 and it pushes it hard. I can’t do much else during the conversion portion.

    I no longer have the link to this and the About doesn’t give it but it shouldn’t be hard to find with google. To my mind this is the ideal tool for backing up my Audible books.


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