Have You Participated in BookBaby’s Self-Publishing Survey Yet?

Have You Participated in BookBaby's Self-Publishing Survey Yet? Self-Pub surveys & polls If there's one thing we lack in the book publishing industry, it is survey data about the newer parts of the industry. That's why the self-pub distributor BookBaby is running a survey right now concerning indie authors.

“The self-publishing community is gigantic and getting bigger every day,” said BookBaby President Steven Spatz. “And yet we know very little about how, or even why some indie authors are getting discovered by readers. Is it great marketing? Is it pure luck? Or something else altogether?”

The survey is about 35 questions long, and covers everything from what genres authors are publishing to how they're promoting their books. it's intended to be a comprehensive study focused on revealing the most successful book marketing and promotion strategies.

You can find the survey here:


The survey was announced last week, and Spatz tells me that around 6,000 authors have responded. Have you participated? What did you think?

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2 Comments on Have You Participated in BookBaby’s Self-Publishing Survey Yet?

  1. I tried to take the survey and gave up. It’s much too formal and nosy. People still refuse to get the simple fact that self-pub is fundamentally different from the industry. It’s a non-industry. And anti-industry. Personal and intimate. I’m *friends* with many indie authors. I first made their acquaintance, *then* read their books. I helped beta-read and proofread their books, and they did the same for me in turn.

    Marketing strategies are for people who don’t care what they’re selling. Professional typesetting is for people who care more about the presentation than the content. I don’t need to stroke my self-importance by playing with the big boys for the sake of it. And that’s why this survey is bunk from my point of view. Sorry.

  2. If Book Baby is behind it, it’s probably just a subtle fishing scheme for new customers. Not interested.

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