Will Amazon Release a New Kindle in 2017?

The wrapping paper and Christmas tree have been put out for the trash collectors, CES 2017 has come and gone, and unwanted gifts have been returned to stores.

With the holidays now a memory, the time has come to ponder what new gadgets will be launched in the coming year. We know for example that speculation is circulating to the effect that Apple is going to release three iPads this year, but what about Amazon?

Will Amazon release a new Kindle?

Will Amazon Release a New Kindle in 2017? Kindle

That is a simple question which has a complicated answer which can be summed up both as yes and no.

Yes, Amazon will announce a Kindle in 2017, but no, it won't be a new model. That sounds contradictory, I know, but it makes sense once we look at Amazon's history of Kindle launches.

For the past five years, Amazon has alternated between launching a new Kindle in even-numbered years and updating an existing Kindle in odd-numbered years.

Amazon launched the Kindle Paperwhite in 2012, and then launched the Kindle Voyage in 2014 and the Kindle Oasis in 2016. Each Kindle model was a completely new design with new features, new hardware, and new software.

In 2013 and in 2015, Amazon released an updated Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite (2013) had an improved frontlight and Carta E-ink screen, and the Paperwhite (2015) gained a 300 ppi screen, but both essentially had the same physical design as the original model.

The later Kindle Paperwhites weren't new models so much as updates to the original, and they were released in odd-numbered years. They were improved models, yes, but the difference was only incremental rather than fundamental.

We have just started a new year, and it ends in a seven. That tells us that Amazon will update the Kindle Paperwhite once again, and save its new Kindle to be launched in 2018.

So if you are thinking of buying a Kindle when it goes on sale this year, and are wondering whether you should wait for the new model, don't wait.

We are in for a wait of a year or more before the next new Kindle model.

The best we have to hope for in 2017 is a new Paperwhite - perhaps one with a more-rugged plastic-backed screen, or with built-in speakers. But about 95% of its features already exist, and can be found in the current Kindle Paperwhite.

So is that hypothetical updated Kindle Paperwhite really worth waiting for?

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  1. Pradeep13 May, 2017

    I agree and I would go with simply the following features:

    1. Audible capability with excellent speakers

    2. Water proofing & extra sensitivity in the extremely hot temperatures would be amazing as I read a lot by the pool or in the jacuzzi

    3. A 7 to 7.5″ screen is absolutely ideal as most phones are now 5-6″ if not more and a book needs to feel larger than the phone.

    4. More ergonomics so that it doesn’t easily slip off….there is absolutely NO need to make it lighter and in fact I love the feel of the PaperWhite and am happy to keep it on the heavier side so that it feels like I’m holding a book!

    5. Extra memory is an absolute no brainer and the bare minimum standard should be 16 – 32GB and I can’t believe Amazon has the audacity to sell a $300+ Oasis with a tiny 4GB card….that’s quite sad (seems like they’ve
    bought millions of 4GB cards that are just lying in their warehouses and they need to use them up).

    6. Also if the charger cable can change to the new standard USB ‘C TYPE” that would be great as are my other devices.

    7. Blue shifting technology would be great along with the light sensor for auto adjustment

    8. A massive upgrade in the “additional software features” like “fonts/type/margins/layouts, etc…” is an absolute must for Amazon to stay ahead and not act like the sleepy arrogant giant.


  2. tired24 June, 2017

    I’ve had alot of different ereaders. Thinking about size, the 5 inch is way too small and cramped, the 6 inch is acceptable but 7 inch is deal for balancing line width and font size, and the 8 inch it’s just a bit too big.

    Now the 6 inch fits in my pocket, and it’s probably the biggest size that does. So in that sense the classic 6 inch is ideal. But I really prefer 7 inch. It would be nice for Amazon to offer that choice.

    I’ve really grown to like the autolight sensor on the Voyage and the flush screen. The glossy bezel though… no. It should be matte like Paperwhite to not have glare and not show smudges. The white PW has a boundary that under strong light is so bright that the screen will always look grey (even maxing out the light). The black PW doesn’t suffer this problem but it is easier to see how the light changes the ink from black to grey. I really think that they need to bring back graphite as a color option.

    So my dream Kindle would be:
    * 7 inch screen
    * flush bezel
    * matte finish bezel with graphite color instead of black or white
    * autolight sensor

    1. tired15 October, 2017

      This new model meets 3 out of 4 of my dream Kindle requirements. Not bad.

      The only thing it lacks from that list is a matte finish (to lower reflections) and graphite color.

  3. Frank16 August, 2017

    November 2017 is the ten-year anniversary of the Kindle’s first release. Maybe something will happen at that time?

  4. Surya19 October, 2017

    I also want the same as Cogito says,
    7? screen size (I am planning on buying a new device only on this feature alone)
    – splash proof (I am not talking about waterproof here, if the device can sustain a bit of dust and water it is good for me)
    – blue shifting technology (like voyager)
    – light sensor for automatic brightness (like voyager)
    – more reading features for PDFs (I am not talking about mangas here, there are tons of books, abstract, working papers that only use this format)
    – more settings (font type, font size, margins, etc)
    – same weeks long battery life
    – experimental browser to full fledged browser with only text and image support.

  5. […] recent record of predicting new hardware is mixed (for example, I was only half right on my Kindle prediction from January). That's why I am hesitant to speculate about what is coming next, but I can relate what we know is […]

  6. Jane20 January, 2018

    The author speaks of “Kindle” and “Paperwhite” as if they’re one and the same, then saying one might be updated but not the other. This is too confusing (I thought all the different models were also called “Kindle.”)

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 January, 2018

      I do not see what you are seeing.


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