Morning Coffee – 12 January 2016

Morning Coffee - 12 January 2016 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  1. Algernon Blackwood: The Master of the Supernatural (The New York Review of Books)
  2. Beware phishing scams in Amazon listings (Naked Security)
  3. Elements of Style: CSS for Ebooks #2 (The Book Designer)
  4. Philadelphia School District librarians: a species nearly extinct? (
  5. Retailing update: the danger of pull lists, “Team Comics My Ass” and best seller lists (The Beat)
  6. Scribd Pulls Digital Comics From Its Subscription Reading Service (The Digital Reader)

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  1. Holy crap – I think Algernon Blackwood’s classic horror story “The Willows” took place at the present-day site of (alleged, wannabe) Libertarian paradise The Free Republic of Liberland!

    From the NY Review of Books, on Blackwood’s “The Willows”:

    Sometime early in the last century, two men are canoeing down the Danube when they stop to camp on a small island thick with willow trees. From the first, the narrator feels uneasy, as if they were interlopers. In fact, they are. The pair have stumbled upon the threshold to some other dimension or realm of being utterly alien to ours…

    Meanwhile, from GQ:

    On April 13 of last year, Vít Jedli?ka, a Libertarian politician from the Czech Republic’s Free Citizens Party, ventured into some unclaimed swampland he discovered on Wikipedia, planted a flag, and called it Liberland… with some luck, the unrecognized three-square-mile territory on the Western bank of the Danube might one day become the Libertarian utopia for disaffected white men.

    Should somebody warn them?

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