Nielsen Sells Off Its US Book Market Stats Division to NPD

Nielsen’s trouble-prone US book services unit has been acquired by a competitor, the American data and market insights company NPD.

From The Bookseller:

US-based BookScan, Pubtrack Digital, PubTrack Higher Education, PubTrack Christian, Books & Consumers, PubEasy and PubNet have all been acquired by NPD, and will become part of a new entity, NPD Book. The news will raise publisher concern about access to global book sales data at a time when the industry remains in transition.

Nielsen will continue to own and operate Nielsen Book outside of the US in nine countries as well as in any international expansion markets.

Jonathan Stolper, global managing director of Nielsen Book, will become president of NPD Book. All of the US-based commercial Nielsen Book employees have been offered the opportunity to join the NPD Book team. Nielsen is to continue to provide full operational support for the newly branded US book services during a transition period. Andrew Breedt, currently director of Nielsen Book Research, has become co-m.d of the International arm of Nielsen Book, along with Stephen Long.

So Nielsen is parting with a market stats division in the single biggest book market in the world.

What does that say about the market, and about the customer base to buy data and research on that market?

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  1. Marion Gropen20 January, 2017

    I think it says that any business with a near-monopsony between it and its customers is going to lose its profit margin to that entity. It says that financial pros look at the fact that books are a small and declining part of Amazon’s business.

    Combine those two things, and you see the potential for the end of book publishing as a career, and then the end of writing and publishing your own work as a viable way to earn a living not too long afterwards — for all but a tiny, tiny fraction of those who try.

  2. Jeff Mcneill20 January, 2017

    I’m not sure what it means, but likely these are business decisions with shareholder value a strong guiding light. Just because it is book sales data doesn’t mean any particular thing.

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