Amazon Discounted Its Fire Tablets and Kindles for Valentine’s Day

In anticipation of Valentines Day, Amazon is holding a sale on its mobile devices. They've taken  $10 to $20 off the various gadgets, and up to $45 off bundles that include chargers, cases, and more.

So if you want to forgo the tradition of nakedly and drunkenly whipping your loved one with the hide of a recently slaughtered goat, here is a great gift you can give them instead.

Amazon Discounted Its Fire Tablets and Kindles for Valentine's Day e-Reading Hardware Fire Kindle

Fire Tablets


Kindle Bundles


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4 Comments on Amazon Discounted Its Fire Tablets and Kindles for Valentine’s Day

  1. Ho hum….still waiting for the waterproof PW or Voyage….

  2. Goats are hard to come by in suburbia. Now I know why. Kindles are an okay substitute, I guess … 🙂

    Normally the American sales you mention and the Canadian ones that help me are not timed the same on Amazon. For once, they are.

  3. Emmanuel Boahene // 15 March, 2017 at 8:40 am // Reply

    I can’t register my Amazon tablet without using credit card I don’t understand can someone teach me how to register it without using the credit card?

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