BBC is Now Streaming an Abridged Version of Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad”

Parts of Colson Whitehead’s monotonous award-winning tepid novel The Underground Railroad was released this week by BBC Radio, and is available to stream online.

The book is narrated by The Wire’s Clarke Peters, who told the BBC that he found the book distressing. “I felt my emotions get stuck in my throat and could no longer narrate,” he said in an interview.

“Because I found it hitting things inside of me that I thought might have been dormant but still had not been resolved. And some of those things resonate today. It’s one thing to forgive, but we must never forget. I think that what happened yesterday while reading it and getting so emotional is that I realized I hadn’t forgiven and that’s what hurt because I don’t know who to give that to.”

This is an abridged audiobook about 2 hours long; the version available through Audible is close to eleven hours long.

It is free to stream for the next 29 days.

BBC Radio via BookRiot

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  1. Chris Meadows21 February, 2017

    An 11-hour audiobook “abridged” to 2 hours? Are you sure it’s an actual “abridgement” rather than just the first part of the book?

  2. Henry Wood21 February, 2017

    If *anything* concerning the BBC comes in, then I most definitely go out.
    The BBC, which I once totally trusted for impartial, overseas news way back in the 50s/60s/70s, is now a very Far Left news supplier whose “news” cannot be trusted. I say this because I trusted them all my life whilst working overseas.
    I would now never, ever trust even their morning headlines.

    1. Kurt22 February, 2017

      oh puleeze!
      the kool-aid brigade speaketh
      your comment has what to do with this posting?

      I can’t bring myself to listen to abridgements so the streaming of this book is of no interest

  3. Ron Masulla28 February, 2017

    Could it be that it is still unbiased, but does not confirm to your views?

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 February, 2017


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