New Pirate Site Focuses on Audiobooks

Tweet2 Share23 +12 Share5 PocketShares 32When it comes to pirate ebook sites there are far more fake sites than real ones, but this next site is the exception to the rule. A reader has tipped me to a new pirate site which focuses on auiobooks. From what I can tell, it was developed by the same guy who brought us TUEBL (which is know known as The new site is, and it lets you both stream and download pirated audiobooks. Both sites were developed by Travis McCrea (unless this is a fake identity created to hide the actual site operators). The sites claim to be protected by the DMCA, which is a ridiculous assertion given that one, the sites claim to be in Canada, and two, they don’t comply with the requirements of the DMCA. There’s no obvious way to send a DMCA notice to either site, so if you find your work posted there then I’d recommend you send notices to Travis’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. While you’re at it, you might also want to tell all your friends exactly who is pirating your work so they can help you yell at him. If he can’t take the public criticism … Continue reading New Pirate Site Focuses on Audiobooks