Morning Coffee – 4 April 2017

Morning Coffee - 4 April 2017 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  1. Fake News! In Self-Publishing (The Book Designer)
  2. Tale of Dickens' fight to save Shakespeare house retold in exhibition | Culture (The Guardian)
  3. Unesco warns the World Wide Web Consortium that DRM is incompatible with free expression (Boing Boing)
  4. What Authors Can Learn From the Music Business with Dave Kusek (The Creative Penn)
  5. What I’m really thinking: the failed novelist (The Passive Voice)

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5 Comments on Morning Coffee – 4 April 2017

  1. Book Designer appears to be confusing fake news with opinion.

    “Really good writers don’t need to self-publish, so obviously you are all losers. Sad!”

    “Everything that’s self-published is low quality crap and can’t stand up to books from trade publishers. Sad!

    This isn’t news, it’s someone’s opinion.

    Book Designer seems to agree with Donald Trump that anything we don’t agree with is fake news.

    Says Book Designer, “now it seems that we all have to start learning how to tell the “fake” news from the real thing, the news you can trust.”

    Let’s start with Book Designer showing us where they saw these alleged fake news items ending with “Sad!” they’ve “come across recently.”

    • I think everyone lately is conflating “fake news” with propaganda — in which case, Joel is right in its use. “Self-publishing” as a term has long been used by corporate publishing and those associated with it (including editors, agents, and journalists) to discredit the indie movement.

      Everything Joel mentioned there has long been in usage. That corporate publishing is a meritocracy (it’s not). That if you just write a good book, it’ll get published (not necessarily). That Kindle has enabled a “self-publishing shit volcano” (nope). That the only indie success stories worth talking about are the books that have sold enough copies to get picked up by corporations (nope again).

      • The problem is there’s no one single definition of ‘fake news”. So Joel is not necessarily wrong.

        • I’d argue there doesn’t need to be because it’s a misnomer in the first place, and there’s no such thing. What the alt-right (like Breitbart et al.) is engaging in is misinformation and propaganda. Knowing Joel, I’d wager he was aiming at trendy.

  2. “Really good writers don’t need to self-publish, so obviously you are all losers. Sad!”

    Really good writers will sell no matter how they publish.

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