A Time Capsule Associated With Jules Verne Has Been Discovered in the French Pyrenees

A Time Capsule Associated With Jules Verne Has Been Discovered in the French Pyrenees Blast from the Past A French university has just announced what sounds like the plot for a new TV show.

A multidisciplinary team of archaeologists and historians from the Paris Descartes University and The Explorers Club NYC have made an extraordinary discovery close to the French Pyrenees in the Occitaine region. Work started in September, and using drones and ground-penetrating radar they have been able to find a metal container dating from the end of the 19th century.

The investigation started thanks to the meticulous study of the works of Jules Verne and, in particular, analysis of the famous author's tomb. With all of the material collected and using complex geolocation algorithms, the team was able to identify the area in which they might find some kind of object associated with Verne.

The contents of this potential "time capsule" are currently being analysed in an environment which will ensure the preservation and non-contamination of the items found inside. The items themselves have deteriorated with the passage of time and damp from being underground for so long. The archaeologists have also found engravings on the outside of the box which have become barely legible due to oxidation.

This news came out on the fourth, otherwise I might think someone was playing a trick on us. I mean, this sounds less like a research project than the kind of elaborate mystery puzzle Dan Brown would invent for one of his novels. (His next book isn't out until October, so I doubt there is any connection.)

I have asked for more details, and will report back.

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6 Comments on A Time Capsule Associated With Jules Verne Has Been Discovered in the French Pyrenees

  1. What in Verne’s works instigated the investigation?
    What about his tomb led them to deduce a location for the time capsule?

    The article is lacking good information.

  2. Facts or no, it’s a brilliant story!

  3. Fascinating. While Verne was fond of cryptograms, nothing I can see in photos of his tomb suggests a puzzle to be solved to me. Looking forward to learning more about what they’ve found, whether it’s indeed connected to him, and what led them there.

  4. What about a link to the original article source?

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