Is this the New Kindle Paperwhite?

Is this the New Kindle Paperwhite? e-Reading Hardware Kindle Rumors A member of MobileRead has just posted a photo of what may be the next Kindle.

Originally posted on a Chinese forum, the photos show a tablet-shaped device with a flush (shiny) screen whose only distinguishing feature is the label "Kindle".

We don't know the model name or really much in the way of details, but the original source speculates that this device has the same CPU and 300 dpi screen as on the previous models.

It is reportedly also waterproof, but you should take that and other speculation with a grain of salt.

This leak, if it is a leak, is rather thin. It's not like last year when the spec sheet and product photos for Kindle Oasis leaked weeks before it launched.

That leak had enough supporting evidence to convince everyone it was real. This one, on the other hand, is so thin it could jut as easily be someone's practical joke.

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  1. I almost hate Amazon won the eBook reader war. Once they smoked all their competition they stopped innovating. Even took features (text to speech, audiobook playback) away. I don’t get the need companies these have to make devices so thin. I rather see it go to something more useful, like adding text to speech back, or color screens etc. It feels more like 16 shades of gray of the same thing.

  2. Love my Paperwhite ! Plesse explain thefeature I found where ut reads aloud the text. Found it on thr bittom right corner. It’s nit all books.Electronic voice but a good one, you can set speed.

  3. Very thick frame, right? Waterproof in a kindle paperwhite and not in Oasis or Voyage? I doubt it.

  4. I like flush bezel and apparent waterproofing. The bezel as it is on the Paperwhite now is annoying.

  5. I’m still waiting for another e-reader that plays as well with Calibre as the Sony PRS-X50 line. I have everything nice and organized by series, genre, etc. in Calibre and I have no desire to have to reconstruct all that 1 book at a time with kindle shelves.

  6. Waterproofing would be a marginal, if welcome feature, if they can keep the price in line with previous models – less than a $15-20 premium, but is not compelling enough for previous owners. :/

    If that were the Basic and within the same price-range,though… nah, no front-light is still a hard sell.

  7. Could they please put a larger hard drive in them? Like about 12 Gigabytes. It would not cost much more and yes, I have over 3000 ebooks. I need it.

  8. That looks like a photoshopped Voyage. I don’t believe this at all.

    • I think it is a tablet and we were all conned.

      • And it’s not even exciting! If I were to make a phony Kindle mock up I would be trying to hype people over a color Kindle with 100x the contrast of the Carta screen available in screen sizes from 5 to 13 inches that you can roll up and stuff in your pocket. You know, just go big!

  9. Depending on what, if anything, is behind the blue “black-out” splotches, that looks like my existing Kindle Paperwhite, which is maybe four years old.


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