E-ink Demoed a Foldable 10.2″ eReader at SID Display Week (video)

E-ink showed off their latest projects, as well as what their partners are working on,  at  SID Display Week last week.

A lot of the gadgets were old news, including the Joan meeting room sign, Plastic Logic’s eternal tech demos, the QuirkLogic Quilla 42″ interactive whiteboard, and smartwatches with E-ink screens.

But E-ink also revealed a couple new prototypes, including a dress made from the Prizm e-ink panels, and an ereader build around a foldable screen.

The prototype has a 10.2″ Mobius Carta E-ink display with a screen resolution of 220ppi. It wasn’t quite up to being folded in half with a sharp crease, but it could be rolled around a 7.5mm curve.

There’s no word on how many times it can be folded before breaking, or whether it would survive being rolled up, but the E-ink rep did say that the unit was ready for mass-production.

That’s a nifty looking concept, but does anyone really need a folding ereader anymore?

via ArmDevices.net

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  1. BDR12 June, 2017

    There’s probably a reason no one is rushing to bring this to market … the thought ‘why?’ comes to mind with respect to this and books. For magazines, were this full color and a matte screen it would be useful. Reflective B&W? Not so much.

  2. Carmen Webster Buxton12 June, 2017

    I find it interesting that someone is spending time and money working on this. I wish things like ATMs and gas stations would use e-ink because sun glare is a real problem outside. This almost looks like they’re thinking in terms of newspapers, as in replicating the page-spread look of print newspapers. It’s hard to believe that anyone wants that badly enough to pay a lot of money for it, especially as even the Sunday comics would not be in color.

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 June, 2017

      “I wish things like ATMs and gas stations would use e-ink because sun glare is a real problem outside.”

      That wouldn’t be too hard to do, so why are ATM screens still LCD?

  3. Carmen Webster Buxton12 June, 2017

    Good question! I believe the gas station pumps will keep LCD so they can show commercials but if my bank starts showing me commercials when I want cash, I will change banks.

  4. Javi13 June, 2017

    Interesting but… “There’s no word on how many times it can be folded before breaking”. This is the question.

  5. DMK14 June, 2017

    I don’t care about rolling it up… I care about the obvious increase in durability. I lost my Aura HD to dropping it on a set of stairs. This Mobius screen would probably survive such an event.

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