Morning Coffee – 26 June 2017

Morning Coffee - 26 June 2017 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  1. Why Your Author Website Should Evolve (Self-Publishing Advice Center)
  2. Dear Apple, Please Don't Give Up on iBooks in iOS 11 (The Mac Observer)
  3. If you’re not appropriating culture, you’re not paying attention. (mad genius club)
  4. US Copyright Office recommends sweeping, welcome changes to America's DRM laws (Boing Boing)
  5. Elsevier Awarded $15M in Lawsuit Against Pirate Sites (PW)
  6. Mapping the Free Ebook Supply Chain (Michigan Publishing)
  7. Hoopla Digital and HarperCollins Disrupt Library E-Lending (Copyright and Technology)
  8. Learning to Read as an Adult Changes Deep Regions of the Brain (Mental Floss)
  9. Horse-Riding Librarians Were the Great Depression's Bookmobiles (Smithsonian)

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  1. Referring to the article “Dear Apple, Please Don’t Give Up on iBooks in iOS 11”, I think it would be of benefit if they did give up [before they even started].

    All they’ve accomplished is to add yet another ebook file format. iBooks itself sucks. What benefit is it?

    Here in South Africa there are no books to be bought in it, there are only free public domain works and Apple User Guides.

    The only good point iBooks has is those User Guides, I can’t think of any other.

    Even if tomorrow iBooks started selling books I wouldn’t buy them. What benefit would there be for me? Non that I can think of.

    I mostly buy my ebooks from The Kindle app is installed on all my iOS devices and PC [although I vary rarely read on them]. And I have my Kindle Paperwhite for distraction free reading [most of my reading].

    All the rest of the books I buy from various sources in EPUB format and they get read on my Kobo Glo.

    So if I did buy books via iBooks it would be stuck on a device I spend the least amount of time reading books on.

    Almost everything Andrew Orr asked for is already covered by other apps and services.

    Heaven for me would be something that keeps track of all my books (both physical and digital) and allows me to read it on any device I wish. That’s never going to be iBooks.

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