Apprentice Alf DeDRM Tools Updated (v6.5.4)

Apprentice Alf DeDRM Tools Updated (v6.5.4) DRM e-Reading Software Your favorite free DRM-stripping tools were updated this week. The v6.5.4 is a relatively minor technical update, but since I haven't updated my copy in years I thought now was a good time to remind everyone to go check their copy and install the update.

The Apprentice Alf DeDRM Tools can remove Kindle, Kobo, and Adobe DE DRM. My preferred method is to install the tools as a calibre plugin (it's the easiest option) but the Tools can be run on their own.

The Tools can be downloaded from Github (some assembly required).

Changes in 6.5.4:

  • This update fixes a problem with the PDF decryption where the PDF includes very precise (more than 8 or so) decimal places.
  • It attempts to fix a problem with the Macintosh App and folder creation.
  • It has a minor update to the obok script for stand-alone use.
  • It updates various version numbers and copyright dates, and has some FAQ changes.

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6 Comments on Apprentice Alf DeDRM Tools Updated (v6.5.4)

  1. I was on version 6.2.1 which I installed two years ago, so I needed this reminder. Many Thanks.

  2. Seems I recall recently stumbling across a 2013 article here, from this very author, claiming that Calibre is a pirate tool and its developer should be arrested.

    Go figure.

  3. Thanks for the headsup!

    Though I’ve been unable to ever unlock my Nook library, this tool and Calibre have been invaluable to my digital library. Hopefully this update will resolve my recent issue of whatever updated drm kindle is using too.

  4. Hi. Are you able to please send me the instructions as to how to install the DRM update. Haven’t used it for ages, as my laptop had a problem and they had to delete a lot of stuff.
    I’ve downloaded the most recent one, but can’t remember how to extract it etc. Can’t find your instructions which you emailed me last time. Many thanks. Carol

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