Three Videos Showing 10.3″ Remarkable E-ink Writing Slate Released

The Remarkable is  10.3" ereader which is being pitched as the ultimate digital notepad.

The $500 device is shipping this fall with support Epub and PDF, and comes equipped with a plastic stylus and dual touchscreens, including one that has a promised 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Three Videos Showing 10.3" Remarkable E-ink Writing Slate Released e-Reading Hardware

The team behind the Remarkable has posted several marketing videos on Yotube. The videos show a disembodied hand using the  note-taking, sketching, and annotation features on the Remarkable's 10.3" display.

Unfortunately, (as my competitor pointed out) the hand moves so slowly that it raises concerns that Remarkable is trying to hide latency issues.

It's going to be interesting to see if the Remarkable lives up to the hype when the first units ship in August.

Will this ereader show a faster response rate than previous devices (one of its selling points)?

I would like to think so, but so far we have seen very little to back that up.

Sketching on Remarkable

Reading & reviewing on Remarkable

Notetaking on Remarkable

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6 Comments on Three Videos Showing 10.3″ Remarkable E-ink Writing Slate Released

  1. Latency wouldn’t be an issue for some. If the sketching video is a good representation, it doesn’t look like the Remarkable suffers the jitter that plagues anyone on a Windows tablet who draws slowly. I’m tired of people telling me, “You have to learn to make faster strokes.” Easier said than done with my motor control issues. I can totally see how latency would be a major roadblock for someone else however. I guess we won’t know how well it really performs until August.

  2. side question: why is the other site your “competitor”? you two don’t play well together? lol

  3. I thought that the Canadian dudes with the dyed hair ( on goodereader) were your competitors Nate.

  4. Especially for PDF’s, the screen refresh speed is no faster than my Kindle DX. The keyboard typing is not any faster than my Kobo. I started out liking the concept of the Remarkable but I think earlier models used a prototype and these later “near-production” models are using components that have been around. In other words, there’s nothing remarkable about their engineering. This is a slightly less expensive Sony DPT

  5. I actually pre-ordered one of these last week. So… I’ll let you know in October. 😛

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