Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary, eMuseum and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Friday, July 28

Editor's Note: The following is a compilation of tweets from @PaulKBiba, the former editor of Teleread and an editor of Project Gutenberg’s Facebook page.

Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary, eMuseum and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Friday, July 28 Link Post Morning Coffee

Interview with the founder of Standard Ebooks (The Kindle Chronicles)

Stop Blaming Amazon for the Actions of Consumers (The Digital Reader)

The Shrinking Orphan Works Problem (Scholarly Kitchen)

8 Must Have Autism Apps, Tools and Resources for Kids (Educational Technology)

e-Book Cover Design Awards, June 2017 (The Book Designer)

British Museum Uploads 3D Model of the Rosetta Stone (Hyperallergic)

National Archives Begins Releasing JFK Assassination Records Online (Infodocket)

Podcast: How $100 Million Could Help Digitize Millions of Important Books (Philanthropy)

Is the ebook a dead format? (The Bookseller)

On eBooks Being a Dead Format (The Digital Reader)

Video: Fulcrum Digital Publishing Platform Will Power ACLS Humanities Ebook (Infodocket)

Defending the honor of ebooks (and innovation) (No Shelf Required)

European Publishing Associations on Geo-Blocking, Ebooks, and the Digital Single Market (Publishing Perspectives)

Help the New York Public Library Geotag Enigmatic NYC Photos (Hyperallergic)

Leonardo da Vinci’s Visionary Notebooks Now Online: Browse 570 Digitized Pages (Open Culture)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: 375,000 windows on art history, and that’s just the beginning (Wikimedia)

Wikimedia Sweden loses case as court rules against free access to public art online (Wikimedia)

Does Watermarking Actually Cut Down on E-book Piracy? (Publishers Weekly)

NYT adds 93,000 net digital-only news subscriptions in Q2, total overall revenue increases 9.2% (Talking New Media)

Going Digital: The Case For ComiXology (Bookriot)

Here’s a Nifty Hack for Sending Your Epub eBooks to Kindle Without Conversion (The Digital Reader)

The State of Digital Publishing in Canada (Booknet Canada)

Wattpad takes ‘chat fiction’ beyond text with launch of Tap Originals (Techcrunch)

The New European weekly launches digital edition (Talking New Media)

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