Morning Coffee – 2 August 2017

Morning Coffee - 2 August 2017 Morning Coffee

Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  1. 7 Reasons Slow Reading Is Actually A Good Thing, Because Being A Speed Reader Is Overrated  (Bustle)
  2. Let's Calculate What Publishers Could Earn from the Google 'Snippet Tax' (by )
  3. Lawsuit ruling sends clear message: Register your photo copyrights ASAP (Digital Photography Review)
  4. Microsoft Adds Read Aloud Feature to Word (
  5. The Spotify of the textbook world takes off as Bibliotech is go (Jisc)
  6. Canadians Reading Canadians 2017 (BookNet Canada)
  7. 5 Legal Myths That Writers Still Fall For, Debunked (BookWorks)

P.S. when you read #2, keep in mind that Baekdal got his math wrong. Can anyone spot the error? (it should be pretty obvious)

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3 Comments on Morning Coffee – 2 August 2017

  1. I found some math errors in the second link, but it didn’t change the conclusion that asking Google to pay for snippets is not worth it.

    • Yeah, even with the errors it still comes down to it being cheaper to remove the snippets than to pay a tax on them. And as the newsgroups of two countries have already discovered – they lose far more than they gain when Google stops mentioning them at all … (Which makes me wonder why that EU group is trying to be this dumb.)

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