Morning Coffee – 29 August 2017

Morning Coffee - 29 August 2017 Morning Coffee

Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  1. What if Barnes & Noble went bankrupt? (Nathan Bransford)
  2. The World's 50 Largest Publishers, 2017 (PW)
  3. This Chrome Extension Is Like X-Ray Vision For Web Design (FastCo)
  4. Google made a tiny error and it broke half the internet in Japan (TNW)
  5. The Visibility Gambit (David Gaughran)

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3 Comments on Morning Coffee – 29 August 2017

  1. Google made a tiny error and it broke half the internet in Japan.

    Which doesn’t exactly make the case for no government regulation of Google.

  2. There’s an amazing bit in the B&N / Shatzkin interview blog post, where Shatzkin says it is a “decent bet” than in 2-3 years, Amazon will have 1000 physical locations selling books. Even counting every current Whole Foods store as a book selling location, Amazon doesn’t have half that now. It’s odd to think that Amazon could — or would want to — roll that many stores out. I know people love to predict that Amazon will get into bricks and mortar in a big way, but I just have a really hard time seeing it.

    • I have trouble thinking of anything that “sage” Shatzkin has been right about. He predicted in 2012, just before the huge indy boom, that self-publishing was about to implode due to a “tragedy of commons.” He’s likewise been wrong in small and large ways on just about everything I’ve read him discuss.

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