What Applend Today in Cupertino

To no one’s surprise, Apple launched a bunch of new devices today in the Steve Jobs theater at the Apple spaceship docking station in Cupertino.

The new gadgetry includes:

  • the iPhone X, a thousand dollar phone that trades security and sturdiness for a high price tag and a pretty screen (and it is a pretty screen, yes). It and ships on 3 November .
  • the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the preferred smartphone of the common folk. Pricing starts at $799, and they ship on 15 November.
  • Apple’s first true smartwatch, the Apple Watch 3 (previous models were merely secondary screens for iPhones). Retail starts at $399 for the LTE version, and shipping starts on 22 September.
  • the Apple TV 4K. This  Roku-killer sells for $179 and ships on 22 September.

So what do you think of the hardware?  Is there anything on your must get list?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Pre-Order starts Friday Sept. 15th, 2017 for US and a few other countries.
    This is for iPhone 8, 8plus, Apple TV 4K (Gen 5), Apple Watch 3. Not sure about Airpods 2 (new case, wireless charging possible).
    In the shops September 22th, 2017, way earlier when mentioned – as long as supplies last (my 2ct).

    Pre-Order iPhone X starts October 27th, 2017 with the mentioned shipping date.

    Also, not to forget:
    iOS 11 – download starting September 19th, 2017. ma OS 10.13 High Sierra – September 25th, 2017.

    Interesting was the pad “Airpower”, with no exact date except 2018: it is pad which can charge iPhone 8, 8plus, Apple Watch 3 and Airpods 2 (new case, LED indicator not inside, but on the front) at the same time – which might not be possible with the current Qi-Wireless-standard – not so sure about that, just a guess, Apple talked about talking to the Standard-Comitee-Body to integrate that in the standard.

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 September, 2017

      I am less than whelmed by the idea of wireless charging – I really don’t see the hassle in plugging in a device to charge it, and I don’t think the extra hardware is worth the cost.

  2. tired13 September, 2017

    The Apple TV 4k interests me because my Roku is janky and has hdmi and handshake issues when I set it to 4k (so I most of the time I have to set it at 1080p). My last Apple TV had audio issues (audio was too quiet). I hope that is fixed with this model.

    Anyway the same pricing on 4k/HDR rentals and upgrading hd titles to 4k is highly appealing to me. That is my problem with Amazon. Vudu has that problem as well but since they are DV only it doesn’t matter.

  3. Angela Korra'ti13 September, 2017

    I say this as an Apple fangirl with a decent amount of disposable income and a long history of using their stuff, including the iPhone 6 sitting next to my arm this moment as I type:

    There ain’t no way I’m dropping a thousand dollars on a smartphone.

    There just isn’t three hundred extra dollars worth of shiny there for me, even if I were in the market to upgrade my phone right now, which I’m not. Plus–and I acknowledge that this may be a sign of my being insufficiently technohip, but–I am not particularly desperate to have a screen that stretches the entire height and width of my phone, or a phone back made of glass, which just spells “cracking waiting to happen” to me.

    Likewise, I do not have any particular objection to charging things with wires. I’m disgruntled in general at Apple’s whole trend of trying to make all possible wires go away, and the loss of the headphone jack is still in the back of my mind here. I mean, I actually use Bluetooth headphones so usually I wouldn’t care… except on days like yesterday when my Bluetooth headphones ran out of power and started informing me every 5-10 minutes that their battery was low. So I had to break out the backup cord and shut them up.

    Which I wouldn’t have been able to do with a phone with no headphone jack.

    So in general: _gaaah_. I’m mostly disgruntled about all the shiny new things, and disgruntled that I AM disgruntled, because I don’t want to be. ;P

    1. tired14 September, 2017

      Apple is mostly full of misses now instead of hits. They think they’re being as forward thinking as when they dropped support for floppy disks… but they’re not. There is a huge market for wired audiophile headphones, and in fact wired headphones dominate market and will probably always do so. The reason they are better than bluetooth headphones. They are better for both convenience and sound quality. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for bluetooth headphones, but catering only to the crowd that uses them is stupidly wrong.

      The charging is not a problem however. Apple has always had a problem of needlessly changing their ports and using proprietary ones. Now they are jumping onto an industry standard and using usb-c, which also means they use the same cable that my Mac does. For once Apple does something right with their charging/data cable. I’m kind of surprised.

      1. Angela Korra'ti14 September, 2017

        I totally get the audiophile market and yeah, even though I’m not one, I have observed the better quality I get when my aforementioned headphones are plugged in. Both of general sound AND of connectivity, since when I’m out and about on my commute (I do a lot of walking as well as bus), the Bluetooth signal is frequently shaky. Which is annoying when I’m trying to listen to music. Even more annoying when I’m trying to listen to a podcast.

        Good point about unification of ports, which I had not considered. Thank you!

      2. Will Entrekin15 September, 2017

        Except most mobile headphone jacks aren’t good enough to drive audiophile-quality headphones anyway. If you want to use wired audiophile headphones with an iDevice, you probably also want to use a portable DAC/amp that connects through the Lightning port. Apple’s also really pushing fitness — and wired headphones aren’t great during exercise (too much cable noise, tethered to device, etc.).

        1. Angela Korra'ti15 September, 2017

          Speaking as someone who has in fact used her Bluetooth headphones and iPhone on a treadmill, yeah, that’s a scenario where having the wire is a drawback to me.

  4. poiboy13 September, 2017

    “Applened”.. oh dear.

  5. Name17 September, 2017

    Worst headline ever.

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 September, 2017


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