Hisense A2 Pro Dual-Screen Smartphone Launches in China

Dual-screen smartphones are still rare in most of the world, but in China they are getting rather thick on the ground.

GizmoChina reports that Chinese smartphone maker Hisense is releasing its second dual-screen smartphone model. The Hisense A2 Pro is an upgraded model with a faster CPU and a better camera.

The Hisense A2 Pro  features a 5.5″ FHD AMOLED display pared with a 5.2″ 960 x 540 E-ink display on the back. It runs Android on an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with 4GB RAM. It has 64GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, and 12MP and 16MP cameras.

It also has NFC, a fingerprint sensor,  Wifi, 4G connectivity, and dual-SIM card slots.

The Hisense A2 Pro will launch soon in China, and according to the product listing at JD.com it will cost 2999 yuan (about $453 USD).

That is a little less than the Yotaphone 3 will cost in China. While the two phones have very similar specs (the A2 Pro is a little better in the camera dept), the Yotaphone 3 will almost certainly win in the software dept.

If I wwre going to get one shipped from China, I’d go for the Yotaphone 3.

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  1. A26 September, 2017

    I cherish my Yotpahone 2 and I’m curious about both these phones, the only problem I see is that the Hisense A2’s EPD isn’t matte from what I’ve read somewhere else. That’s pretty inconvenient and frankly poorly done. With the YP3, you’re not supposed to be able to mirror the whole screen like with its predecessor.

  2. jmirko27 September, 2017

    Hi, I have a Yotaphone 2 also, and looking forward to the Yota 3. What makes you think you won’t be able to mirror the screen to the back? This would make no sense at all. It’s already a niche device, and removing the mirror functionality would severely cripple it.

  3. A28 September, 2017

    @Jmirko. My mistake, I didnt mean it can’t be mirrored, it most likely can. ( Although I’ve read that the EPD doesnt operate with Android but with a Yota OS.

    What I initially meant to say was that the EPD is said to not have capacative touchscreen. If thats true, that’d be a really stupid downgrade

  4. jmirko28 September, 2017

    I agree, the EPD would be virtually useless without touch. That was the case with the original Yotaphone, and I would be very surprised if they took such a step back with the Yota 3. I think it’s a misunderstanding. I am more concerned about the price and availability of the phone – we will see!

  5. roberto30 September, 2017

    Price shouldn’t be an issue – the YP2 came out at 699 €… that is faaar, far beyond any rumored YP3 price tag 😉

    I’d just need extra light behind my e-paper screen to switch from my 2 to 3. Bare that, I don’t know if the new specs are going to make me wanting to switch…

    Oh, and that long time ago promised dual-screen 10″ tablet would be nice to arrive 🙂

  6. Eric15 December, 2017

    I see that the A2 can mirror the screens in the reviews on JD.com. Not evident yet on the Y3. The glossy screen on the eink side, not a big deal as the upgrades in processor/battery/fingerprint/charging. I ordered an A2 (non-pro) from China for less than $300 (likely has no Google Play). We’ll see how it runs.


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